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Your Guide to Select the Right Home Lighting

Source: Luxxu

Our homes always tell us a story. Every design element brings character to a space providing the opportunity to reflect the persona of the homeowner. One such constituent is lighting - which is the most underrated yet the most significant element of a home’s interior design. Today, the purpose of lights is not only restricted to making things visible. The image of lighting is steadily transforming into a piece of art that adds aesthetic value to a space. Below are a few ideas you can use for sprucing up your home lighting to achieve the right balance of aesthetics and function.

Fabricate a Budget

Source: John Cullen Lighting

Interior design has a lot of facets. Lighting is one of them. As simple as budgeting and allocation in advance is highly recommended. Sometimes one aspect of design can take up more funds and then other elements might suffer.

Lights come in ample styles and materials. Different types of home lighting can be duly searched through catalogs or showroom visits to understand better. Heavily ornamented ones might cost you more unless you wish to have a chandelier as a focal point in your living space. Buy quality and not quantity as excess lights make a room look crowded plus increase costs.

Balance Between Natural and Artificial Light

Source: Urban Matter

The natural light illuminating the space in our homes ensures we don't need to turn on artificial lights during the daytime. Keeping this in mind we should create an interplay between natural and artificial lights and plan a transition from one to the other.

This factor helps us in deciding the kind of lighting to be picked and where to place them so that we don't buy extra lights and select ones that have lower lux levels thus saving on costs. One can add a dimmer to adjust the transition from twilight to night and just create the perfect spatial experience.

What's the Lighting Intent?

Source: IJAPIE

If lighting selection is done based on a purpose you wish to have it for then nothing can go wrong. Every room has its obligation. Lighting has to go according to it. A living room is a flexible zone that can have cove lights or tracks to add drama to the setting. An occasional floor lamp in the corner can augment the appeal of the space.

A kitchen is more task-oriented and it is advisable to go for a spot or track lighting to emphasize the work being done. Similarly for a bedroom, one can opt for table lamps or pendant lights as a bedroom signifies relaxation or engaging in activities like reading or studying. Every lighting has an intention behind its existence.

Watch Out for the Shadows

Source: HGTV

Shadows are a byproduct of light. At times, we are influenced by a particular design of a home lighting and fail to decipher the shadows that it will create. Some are obvious but some are completely unexpected. The latter can actually put the design off its wheels and exude absolute dullness.

One can and should do a mock-up by placing bulbs or torches to see how the actual light will emit a shadow. This can be of great use to decide on the placement and kind of lighting.

Alliance with the Walls and Furniture

Source: Hipcouch

Lights are greatly affected by the kind of furniture and the color of the walls and vice versa. Home lighting can be yellow and warm or white and bright but it should be in sync with the other design pieces. Every reflection on any surface emanates a certain vibe.

One cannot risk creating an absurd setting by not planning the synchronization and coordination between these elements. Lighting does more than just put light on each grain and medium. It brings out the soul from within it. Select an appropriate shade for the walls or the right lighting for the house to enhance its feel of it.

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Final Word

Apart from aesthetics, lights improve productivity and mood. The selection actually depends on perception, function, illusion, and impression. What to light and what not to are the two questions that you need to answer correctly and you are on your way to selecting the right home lighting.

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