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5 Uber Cool Ideas to Design a Bachelor Pad

While a lot of bachelor pads are visualized to have masculine features, vintage furniture, and minimalist aesthetics, these spaces have evolved to be more comfortable and design oriented. With the inclusion of canvases hung on walls and the replacement of leather with soft cushions, the prospect of design has developed multiple folds, but the appeal has remained the same. To attain the same homely vibe whilst hosting a party for your friends or conducting a new business, these design considerations are what you need to create an aesthetic space to work as well as to stay in.

Source: Techolac/AD

Set a Vibe

By deciding on a hobby you need to pursue and decorating the interiors accordingly, you could create an influencing environment. Such an ambiance would stimulate a progressive atmosphere and nudge the user to be more productive. Hence resulting in a better work rate and fulfilling the need for a bachelor pad.

Get the Lighting Right

Source: Behance

Having soft lights across the room is not a bad idea, but a hierarchy of a well-lit environment cannot be compared. By the use of focused lights, task lamps, or even a chandelier, an interesting composition can be created with artificial lighting that guides the viewers' eyes to a focal point. This is where the owner gets the chance to boast about a new piece of wall hanging or an expensive outlet of furniture.

Don't Settle for Less

Source: The Spruce

When televised over shows and movies, a bachelor's pad is generalized to flaunt its minimalist look. Although a serene and calm environment is what people seek for their interiors, a little number of additives won't hurt anybody. Experimenting with a combination of warm and cool colors, introducing new materials to the walls, and adding new and meaningful furniture would only help create a vibrant energy that accentuates the adrenaline level for the user.

Work with Details

A well-designed home is made up of layers. Layers of mirrors and walls. Layers of art and philosophy. Layers of furniture and a rug. All of it, layered with time and patience adds to the experience. Making bold choices is a part of creating a bachelor's pad. Adding a backdrop of dark colors over the wall, infusing an accent rug onto the floor plate, setting up a gaming room, or anything that is a step above the streamlined design of a home is considered brave. Buying a set of new cutlery, completing the vintage collection, restoring the generational heirloom, all of it could be a shout as well.

Time for a Game?

Source: Renopedia

Amongst a number of activities that the home could serve, celebrating a game night with the boys might be one of them. A massive screen, cushiony sofas, and everyone wearing a jersey for the team that they support is a dream. And for housing this dream into a reality, the designers usually opt for a lounge-like common space. Decorated with jerseys hanging as wall art, centralized by a huge TV and encircled with cheers and whines coming from all around the room, a part of it seems true.

In Conclusion

Such a space is going to be an extension of your mind. It is supposed to depict the interests and hobbies of the user who resides in the space. So, every corner could be arranged to display a new set of interests or be dedicated to a new set of activities.

For instance, starting from an apothecary table at the entrance, leading to the collection of photographs and polaroids, and ending with an open lounge, one can personalize their space and design them accordingly. From all of what we've seen, it's your chance to devise a plan for your house now. Go for it! Choose wisely.

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