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Everything About Wabi-Sabi Interior Design Trend

Source: Interior Design Ideas

All of us wish to make our homes a space that speaks about us. It should just reflect our personality and make us feel grounded and comforted. Well, there is a style of designing or rather a philosophy that is currently trendy with interior designers and it's the Wabi-Sabi. A Japanese term that means to strive towards simplicity and humbleness. It is more about the elusive acceptance of imperfection within ourselves but this philosophy is being mimicked in the form of interior designing themes. Homeowners like to explore different themes for their interior spaces. Below are a few tips with respect to the Wabi-Sabi style that we can practice in our homes to feel serene and collected.

The Interplay of Transparency and Translucency

Source: Foyr Neo

Letting the energy of the house flow or pause momentarily and letting it take a new shape at every turn is a feeling that can be intentionally designed. Wondering how?

Try having an open plan or say having a room bringing a lot of natural light in the volume. Let the goodness of nature be experienced in one way. Opting for drapes that are semi-permeable for the light to pass creates a dramatic effect and ensures balance. Having glass lets the light flow into the depths of our rooms and opening up the apertures fills the air in its lungs.

Let them Remain Undone

Source: Amazing Architecture

It's rare but it's beautiful. You want to know what? Unfinished and rawness in the elements that you wish to place in your house. Your furniture, crockery, shelves, and the overall aesthetic of the house look more real when you decide to keep them unpolished and untreated.

It's usually uncommon but this feeling makes your house resonate with your thoughts that are freely and happily experiencing joy. This is a super tip as it also helps in saving costs at times by keeping the accessories and artifacts untouched and pure.

Material Inspiration

Source: Labellavie

We go through a lot of emotions and moods in a day or throughout our lives. We feel like we could echo that out in some way or just get that freedom somehow. Those nuances or rather our subtle flaws had a way of discourse.

What better way than playing with materials? Wood, stone, fabrics or even leaving your walls and ceilings exposed, work wonders for this style of art. Every curve and groove of that medium and how you want them cut or broken, speaks volumes about you as a person and your family and reverberates in the house making you feel pleasant and introspective at times. These materials are timeless beauties and age with us assuring us of their support.

A Tonic for Your Senses

Source: HomeLane

The Wabi-Sabi philosophy can be taken further by placing furniture or accessories in our homes that are tactile or even olfactory. Even when you are not occupied with work or family you can feel energized by the materials that surround you and occupy the volume.

You can also use neutral color schemes for the walls in tones of beige, brown, or greens with grays and whites that are muted and earthy. Placing serene paintings or artworks on walls creates visual comfort and interaction.

Ever rotated a prayer wheel or got mesmerized by the aroma of incense sticks in a temple and felt good? That's because anything that engages our physical and mental state helps us perceive and feel things in a better way.

Sustainable Steps

Source: Amazing Architecture

By now you might have sensed it. Yes, Wabi-Sabi is a philosophy inclined in the direction of sustainability. It overlooks perfection, rightly so, and strives towards minimalism and staying in close proximity to nature and natural things every day and every moment.

You can place plants in your house to add more living presence, reuse or recycle items and place them around. You can also incorporate items of furniture or frescos that you or probably your family member has made in the design of the house. Have antiques surrounding the space that oozes a rustic feeling along with relaxation.

In Conclusion

Wabi-Sabi is all about making us self-introspect and enjoy ourselves with our spaces and appreciate the tranquility it provides in life. It makes us attach our wisdom when it comes to designing our space and how much we know ourselves that will influence us.

There is nothing wrong with being modern. Wabi-Sabi never forces you to be traditional too. It's just the natural sync that it holds where you feel engulfed in purity.

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