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Use Our Material Research Guide to Buy Construction Materials

Source: Propertygeek

Selecting materials for a project is a layered process. It involves permissions, choices, research, comparisons, and whatnot. But, we are all game for an elaborate selection process because we believe that materials make all the difference in a project. The quality of materials, their cost, handling, installation, and maintenance impact a space both visually and functionally. If material is wrongly installed, chances are that the surface would degrade, thereby demanding early repairs. Hence, it is important to wisely buy construction materials after thorough research, discussion, and planning.

What is Material Research and Why is It Important?

Material research is the process of understanding materials or products before using them in the project. The right time to do material research is while the design is in progress. Thinking of materials at the design stage helps save time and effort spent on making design changes at the time of construction. It also allows architects and interior designers to create an impressionable image in front of their clients. Showcasing material knowledge and suggestions in the early stages of project discussion makes the client build trust in your work.

5 Step Guide to Doing Material Research for Your Project

Source: ArchDaily

Buy construction materials using our material research guide. Save time, money, and effort by paying attention to detail and attracting more clients.

Know the Basics

Look around on the internet for materials that match your visual and functional requirements. Understand their properties, installation, applications, and maintenance requirements. Analyze the material based on its patterns, grains, textures, and colors to know if it fulfills your design aesthetics. Find manufacturers and retailers who deliver the material in your locality and seek their opinion on the suitability of the materials you like.

Order a Sample

The best way to buy construction materials is to first order a sample. Request the manufacturer to send you a few samples so that you can assess their appropriateness in a space. Understand the scale and properties of the material by installing them on site because materials often look different in reality than in an image. Assess material strength, resistance, and durability by performing tests on the samples.

Ask Your Colleagues for Recommendations

Reach out to your colleagues to know if they have used the materials you wish to use for your project. Ask them about the ease of material handling and if any clients have had maintenance issues with the material. Ask your peers for trustworthy manufacturer and retailer suggestions. Buy construction materials from reliable sources who can take accountability for material quality and timely delivery.

Draw Out Comparison Tables

Shortlist multiple alternatives for a material and compare them on the basis of cost, shelf life, durability, and every other factor that you deem important for your project. Stay true to the purpose of the space before finalizing the material. For instance, if you need to decide on the flooring for a heavy-traffic area, prioritize strong yet mediocre-looking tiles over brittle but beautiful tiles.

Speak to Your Clients

Involve your clients in the process of material research. Ask them about their requirements and dig deeper into the details. Know if your clients have Pinterest mood boards that you can refer to understand their aesthetic preferences. Always pitch a material by mentioning its properties and its cost. This will help the client to better put across their choices in keeping with their budget.

Buy Construction Materials Online from Archizy

You can buy construction materials online from Archizy and save time, money, and effort. At Archizy, you can explore a wide variety of materials, read their project descriptions, create moodboards, and prepare BOQs from the comfort of your home. You can also create a wishlist on Archizy and share the shortlisted materials with your colleagues and clients. Do everything from material discovery to sourcing - by easily researching materials on Archizy.

Final Word

Material research is a detail-oriented activity. It involves multiple stakeholders and the process, therefore, needs to be organized. Use this guide to make an informed decision about the materials you use in your project.

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