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How to Sell Construction Materials Online Using Archizy?

Are you still setting up new showrooms to sell building materials and products?

If yes, it's time to teleport you back to the 21st century and introduce you to the digital realm.

Investing in showrooms, maintaining them, and inviting architects and interior designers to physically visit the store are all talks of bygone times. It’s time to sell construction materials online.

Today, we are living in the Information Age that is technologically advanced and digitally equipped. The advent of cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and the internet has transformed our lives for the better. Thanks to digital material sourcing platforms, our effort in communication marketing, and sales have become simpler.

Why Should You Undergo a Digital Transformation?

Archizy connects you with a genuine audience who is interested in buying your products. There is a preferential shift among architects and interior designers who are now liking to shop materials digitally. Your target audience no longer wants to run in the market to visit multiple showrooms and sweat it out. They want to discover and source materials from the comfort of their office so that they can invest the saved time to achieve other professional goals. So, it's time to sell where the buyers are looking.

Archizy is a digital marketing and selling platform for construction material and product manufacturers. The platform offers one-of-its-kind services that allow you to sell construction materials online with ease. With Archizy, you can create an extensive virtual material library and avoid the hassles of running between the warehouse and the shop. If this interests you then read below about how Archizy can assist you in online material selling.

The Path to Finding Genuine Material Buyers on Archizy

Archizy gives you the opportunity to provide a seamless buying experience. The platform provides you with all the necessary assistance to sell materials without much physical effort.

Upload Unlimited Products

Create your virtual material library by uploading an unlimited number of materials and products. This saves you the time to pick and choose the best materials for display and easily sell construction materials online. All your products get equal limelight and visibility implying that all your materials can attract the right buyers.

Share All Details

This feature enables your products to speak for themselves. On Archizy, you can share every little detail about the products using high-resolution images, catalogs, specification sheets, and brochures. Use the description section to talk about material properties, applications, and their uses in detail. Use the images section to showcase product close-ups to provide a better understanding of the product.

Directly Contact Buyers

You can directly address buyer concerns, doubts, and queries through Archizy’s Direct Message Feature. Avoid middlemen and understand the customization and quantitative requirements of architects and interior designers. By directly contacting buyers you can build a relationship of trust and mutual respect with them and conveniently sell construction materials online.

Upload the List of Retailers

Let your material supply process be seamless by uploading retailer lists on Archizy. Your buyers can reach out to the respective retailers in their location and follow up with them about material delivery. This helps you avoid all the communication hassle and eases your work pressure. It also allows you to have transparent dealing.

Promote and Marketize

You can sell construction materials online and also promote them on Archizy. The platform provides you with the opportunity to feature your brand in their newsletters, email, website, and social media pages. You can monetize these promotions as potent marketing tools to get better leads to boost your sales.

Brand Recognition

Promote your brand and give it the recognition it deserves. Share the links to your social media pages and website on your Archizy profile and drive traffic to your digital platforms. Use these features to build credibility with your prospective clients and let them know more about your brand story and values.

Final Word

Achieve exponential growth in qualified leads by registering yourself on Archizy. This will eventually help you improve the sales graph making while also making your brand popular among buyers. You can use the platform to establish yourself as a brand and build goodwill amongst the buyers thereby creating an opportunity to have repeat clients.


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