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How to Select the Soft Furnishings for Your Living Room

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

The living room is a place where all of us like coming together. It is always advisable to have our living room designed according to our identities and every element and accessory assumed in its place.

Living room furniture is the soul of the space. But it needs synchronization with the soft and tender furnishings over and around it, which is the soul of the furniture indeed, only that both are tangible. It is these furnishings that add a tinge of various emotions to our daily life through design.

Source: Rethinking the Future

You might be confused over the choice of the various soft furnishings for your living room design, right? Need not worry we have it covered for you. Skim through the points below before you plan on any selection.

Color as a Parameter

Let’s start with the basics. Colors have a great influence on us. One way to perceive objects is by their color. Every time you feel like making a volume look distinctive, start with a color palette in mind then select every furnishing based on it.

Not only will you feel self-guided but also the living room furniture and the tone of the walls start coordinating amongst themselves when thought of. The curtains, sofa covers, carpets, etc. engulf us, and an appropriate hue on them can add great depth and quality going a long way in making us feel better.

Source: istock

Size and Profile are Significant

At times, we succumb to our inability to sense a space. It’s not something to feel bad about but the point is to understand what one needs and what should be the scale and profile of it. It’s all about being proportionate and considering the furniture dimensions beforehand.

Pieces of furniture work as fragments of a whole. When choosing a soft furnishing for a hard or heavy component or to place elsewhere in the living room, try to be on similar lines unless you wish to experiment. Creating a balance is vital and it happens with a suitable size or shape.

Source: istock

The idea is to not incorporate any or all but to know which material suits the purpose. A major mistake we can commit is not thinking about the kids or pets at home that are going to use it. A cloth that is thinner can easily tear up or if very mushy can hold a lot of dust leading to allergies. Consider whether or not the fabric will be touched by sunlight. Yes, it is crucial. If not taken care of, the cloth character will quickly fade with time. The correct material can easily make your living room furniture look wholesome.

The Interplay of Patterns and Textures

Source: istock

Every fabric can be looked at from a diverse angle. One can change the mood of the living room by simply combining geometric or asymmetrical patterns along with textures to the furnishings. It’s like adding magic. You can opt for light and floral printed drapes. The pillow covers for your sofas can be cheerful with colors or illusionary along with being cozy and smooth. The options are limitless.


All in all, every selection irrespective of any criteria should yield a durable and long-lasting product. The furnishings over our living room furniture are bound for more wear and tear is a common zone. Endurance should be examined along with appeal, charm, and comfort. Cost is a one-time thing if quality furnishing is chosen.

Source: istock

Furnishings are like pieces of a design puzzle. The picture is incomplete without them. There are ample soft furnishings to choose from for your living room furniture but do not get overwhelmed. Take your time and buy with enough consideration and understanding of the material and its properties.

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