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How to Select Wall Clocks for Your Residential Project?

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Gone are the days of bulky and monotonous wall clocks.

It's time for modern and aesthetically appealing clocks that enhance the interior design of a room. Wall clocks are more purposeful than showcasing time. They help in decorating a wall by covering the blank space. In today’s time wall clocks have become a statement piece that define the style sense of the homeowner. So, if you are seeking ideas for wall clocks selection below are some factors you can consider.

Size and Shape

The size of your wall clock should be proportionate to the space you have on the wall. It also depends on how other wall accessories are occupying the surface area. If the size of your room is small, we recommend you go for smaller clocks and vice versa. Typically small accented walls are available in the size of 10 inches to 18 inches diameter. Larger wall clocks are available in the size range of 24 inches to 30 inches diameter. Wall clocks are generally available in square, rectangular, and circular shapes. You can select a circular wall clock if you want to add fluidity and abstract quality to the room.


The material and finishes of the clock are important factors for consideration during wall clock selection. You can choose from a wide variety of materials such as wood, metal, and plastic. Clocks made from wood have a warm, vintage, and rustic appearance. The wood for these clocks is usually sourced from pine, mahogany, eucalyptus trees. Wooden clocks are more durable and strong. Plastic wall clocks are budget-friendly and are available in various design and color options. Metal clocks provide a modern, minimalistic, and industrial look to the room. They are best-suited for homes designed with a sense of geometry and organization.

Design Style

The way in which a home is designed impacts wall clock selection. For instance, If a home is designed with contemporary ideas, a rectilinear metal clock would suit the space. In case a home is designed with traditional Indian elements, then a round and intricately detailed wall clock would work well. This helps to invite harmony in design and maintain the visual balance of a room.

Top Products on Archizy

Discover the best-in-class wall clocks on Archizy.

Luxury Wall Clock by Cocovey Homes

A wall clock which makes any room stand out. The contemporary look makes it one of a kind wall clock, the elegance of which is class apart. It is more of a cherished piece of decor which acts as a statement piece at your place. A cleanly painted wall needs nothing more than a striking wall clock which sets aside all other decor forms. An ideal piece for home, offices and cafes.

Tristan Wall Clock by Home Artisan

A statement timepiece, our Etoile Noire wall clock comes with a beautiful black body and contrasting golden digits and mechanical parts. The beautiful exposed machinery of this clock lends this clock an industrial feel.

Franklin Wall Clock by Home Artisan

Featuring a stunning combination of gold and black, internal rotating gears and a larger than life size, our Franklin wall clock is a statement piece of wall art. This clock is a beautiful amalgamation of form and function.

Demington Wall Clock by Home Artisan

This contemporary-styled chronometer comes with a dial that features an analog mechanism, mechanical gears, and Roman numerals. The exposed gears and the rustic color scheme lend this clock an unparalleled industrial appeal. This clock will create a beautiful focal point in any contemporary room.

Markovna Wall Clock by Home Artisan

Featuring a stunning combination of gold and black, internal rotating gears, and a larger-than-life size, our Markovna wall clock is a statement piece of wall art. This clock is a beautiful amalgamation of form and function.

In Conclusion

Wall clocks are an interesting design element so you can be playful while making the selection. Make bold selections and use the wall clock as a statement-making piece.

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