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How to Ace Biophilic Interior Design for a Home?

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

“I don’t divide architecture, landscape, and gardening; to me, they are one.”, said the Mexican architect Luis Barragan.

Source: Architectural Design India

The built spaces should complement the unbuilt environment. To maintain a sense of harmony, they should fit into each other like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. This is because disconnecting from nature can lead to social anxiety, unhappiness, and loneliness. Having access to nature is like having access to fuel. We need to be visually connected with a greener environment to enhance our well-being.

What is Biophilic Interior Design?

As the name suggests, biophilia means an innate affinity of humans towards nature. We are conditioned by birth to depend on nature and biophilic interior design helps us achieve that. The biophilic design focuses on creating a calm indoor space with ample visibility of nature. This helps to improve the well-being, health, and productivity of people.

5 Ways to Incorporate Biophilic Interior Design in a Project

Biophilic interior design involves the incorporation of nature-inspired elements in the design. If you are an interior designer wanting to introduce biophilic elements in your project, below are some ideas you can use.

Source: Design Cafe

Maximize Natural Light

Sunlight is crucial for human health. It helps people to feel fresh, positive, and hopeful. Natural light helps in regulating calcium, regulating high blood pressure, and maintaining overall health.

So, you must invite more natural light indoors by providing a wider set of windows. Make an attempt to rearrange the furniture that is blocking natural lights to enter your space. Install blinds and curtains that allow sunlight to pass through them.

Invite Plants

Indoor plants are the perfect fit for creating biophilic interior design. Home plant selection can be done on multiple health and aesthetic parameters. Plants purify and improve the quality of indoor air, reduce stress, improve productivity, and enhance concentration. You can bring plants of varying scales and aesthetics to suit your aesthetic sense.

Embrace Organic Shapes

Biophilic means everything inspired by nature. This implies that the forms and shapes available in nature are excellent for creating a biophilic interior vibe. Organic furniture, lights, and surfaces help in making an indoor space feel earthy and raw.

Introduce Nature-Inspired Colors

Green, blue, and yellow are bright natural colors that instantly help in creating a positive aura. Use these colors in varying tonality to paint your walls and furniture. You can also add color by using veneers and natural stone to provide a rustic ambiance to a space.

Bring in a Piece of Nature

Invest in home decor accessories and installations that represent natural warmth and comfort. Install scenic paintings, wall decals, and photographs in your home to complete the biophilic design vibe.

Top Indoor Planter Selections from Archizy

Explore the most stunning indoor planters for home and office spaces listed on Archizy.

Banana Leaf on Olive Green Circular Planter by Thandar’s Garden

Pots for homes, office spaces, and indoor areas that need a splash of color and character. Safe to keep around children as all the colors are brought to life with non-toxic, eco-friendly paint.

Steps Indoor Desk Metal Planter Pot With Stand by House of Aarna

This planter is ideal to be used as a table planter instead of a floor planter due to its height The material of construction is galvanized metal with powder coating.

Concrete Stripe Planter by Hey Decor

This attractive edgy triangular flower pot is the ideal way to display your favorite plants and flowers. You will love them adorning outdoor areas such as your patio, deck, or garden, or enjoy them indoors in your kitchen, living room, or bathroom.

Roman Leaves on Off-White Apple Planter Medium by Thandar’s Garden

The pot is waterproof, weatherproof, and scratch resistant as everybody deserves a quality product.

Black Gold by House of Aarna

Ideal to be used as an Indoor planters pot Can be used for indoor purposes like living rooms, balconies, offices, etc. Also, refrain from using it outdoors or in the garden. It can also be used as a table planter after removing from the holder The planter & the holder are handcrafted in Galvanized Iron to avoid rusting.

Final Word

Biophilic interior design is inspired by all things nature. So, try to keep it all raw and avoid anything artificial. It will help you to create an instant zone of comfort and make the space more hospitable.

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