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Everything About The Mushroom Interior Design Trend

Have you ever seen a design style or pattern that’s instantly taken over the world and no one saw it coming?

We know that there must have been multiple instances like that. And who says something that’s trending should be predictable, anyway?

Source: Elle Decor

One such unpredictable trend is the mushroom interior design trend. The fungi patterns made a lowkey entry into the design world and found immense love from people who wanted to try something fresh. The mushrooms have now become a regular sight in residential interior design with designers rightfully experimenting with various forms, patterns, and colors.

How to Ace the Mushroom Interior Design Trend

If you thought the mushrooms are a recent discovery, you got it wrong. Mushrooms have been a part of the home interior design and decor industry since the 1960s and 70s. Mushroom-shaped lights were considered to represent a sophisticated and well-to-do household. This trend has a vintage vibe and takes the baby boomer generation back to their childhood. For them, the mushroom interior design elements are a symbol of playfulness and happiness. Below is everything you need to know about this fungi interior design trend and how you can incorporate it into your design.


Source: Homes and Garden

Fungi wallpaper patterns are making a mark with their unique colors and forms. You can select wallpapers digitally from Archizy by visiting the top listed brands in the wallpaper category such as Stenna. You can also get your fungi wallpaper design customized by downloading some reference patterns from the internet. Given their playful vibe, mushroom wallpapers work well for living rooms and dining areas where you need a high-energy atmosphere.


Source: Homecrux

Mushroom-shaped lights are the most sought-after element in the mushroom interior design domain. Table lamps and hanging lights in the shade of mushrooms are becoming exceedingly popular because of their unique form. Mushroom lamps are a great way to add a casual vibe to your room.

Curtains and Upholstery

Source: Pinterest

Similar to printing mushrooms on wallpapers, curtains and upholsteries can also be designed with a mushroom print. Sofa fabrics, cushion covers, rugs, and throws are an excellent way to introduce mushroom interior design trends in your home. You can experiment with multiple shapes and sizes of mushrooms and create a unique pattern that can be followed throughout your home.

Decor Items and Accessories

Source: The Glam Pad

Interior decor items for storage, tchotchkes, and accessories shaped in mushrooms make a room appear fancy. You can keep these decor items on your console tables, countertops, library units, and some natural non-flowery plants to give your design a tropical vibe.

Final Word

Mushrooms are a statement-making pattern that instantly amps up a space. They are not just delectable, but also swoon-worthy and wrap a room in the feeling of warmth. We think that mushrooms are more than just a trend, it's a calling for flamboyance and merriment in the contemporary world. We absolutely love it and would advise you to try it.

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