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A Homeowner’s Guide to Smart Home Automation

Owning a smart home has become every homeowner’s dream, to live a comfortable and convenient life. With the social distancing norms after the pandemic, the use of smart home technologies has increased wherein you can get your work done with Wi-Fi-enabled gadgets and personal voice assistants.

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Home automation often refers to “smart home technology” that allows you to control every aspect of your home through the Internet of Things (IoT). Today’s home automation systems give you the ability to control every component from home lighting, curtain blinders, or music and entertainment systems on the tip of your fingers. Home automation intelligent solutions help you lead a healthy lifestyle with temperature control, clean airflow, and the use of energy-efficient appliances, which indeed give you a peaceful mind and healthy lifestyle.

What is Home Automation?

Home automation is a network of hardware, communication, and electronic interfaces that work to integrate everyday devices with one another via the internet. Home automation started with the invention of the thermostat, an energy-controlling device that gradually developed into one of the fastest-growing markets in technology. This technology can be used for home security, controlling appliances, monitoring energy usage, and much more.

Simplifying Home Automation

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The home-automation industry helps to reduce human labor by providing added comfort and luxury. The technology available in this field depends on the type of automation, and the company involved, as the technology market is fast-paced with new developments occurring every other day. Centralization is one of the home automation systems that control everything from a single source.

They can be accessed by a remote control device, smartphone, tablet, or computer to operate home lighting or cleaning appliances that run through wall-mounted terminals. App-based home technology is another example of smart home-automation systems that use home networks via the internet and Wi-Fi devices like your smartphones. These systems are affordable and easy to set up and can be updated from time to time.

Smart Home Furniture Appliances

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In the modern automated home, using smart home appliances brings comfort and luxury. Smart sofa recliners are incorporated with USB charging points, a motorized headrest mechanism, a swivel tray table, and LED lighting to provide added comfort to your living room. Video doorbells and smart television sets are available with tons of streaming options that have set an extraordinary trend in your space.

Smart beds are accessed with adjustable control, a sleep monitoring system, and temperature control features. A robot vacuum is the next best feature that comes with artificial intelligence (AI) and speakers that can be controlled from your smart devices. Smart kitchen appliances make your cooking and cleaning experience much easier by using smart refrigerators, ovens, and dishwashers. With the advancement in technology, toilets have become smart by incorporating touch-free flushing techniques, sensor opening lids, automatic bowl cleaning, and deodorizer features.

Safety and Security

For family homes, smart safety and security systems offer peace of mind with Smart locks, fire alarms, smoke alarms; heat sensors, and surveillance cameras. These security systems are operated from one device by constantly providing activity alerts and offering 24-hour home protection. These smart safety devices help to monitor the threat before it escalates further. Home automation has much potential to save energy by providing security to your homes.

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Image (L-R): Two Way Switch, Smart Blue Controller, Smart Fan Touch)
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Final Word

Smart home automation is undoubtedly the future of home interior design. The quality of comfort and convenience it provides makes them desirable among the millennial population. Especially in the post-COVID age, technology such as smart home automation is playing an integral role in redefining the global lifestyle.

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