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5 Unique Ways to Use Bricks in Your Residential Design Project

Source: Architizer

If you think that bricks can only be used as building blocks, it's time to burst your bubble!

While bricks are the most commonly used masonry material, they are versatile enough to be used for many other architectural and interior design purposes. The unique texture, color, pattern, and aesthetic offered by bricks make them desirable for use in the decor segment as well.

Designers use bricks because they are strong, more durable, environmentally-friendly and require less maintenance in comparison to other construction materials. So, if you are looking for ideas to amp up your home interiors, brick might be the perfect material to achieve the purpose.

5 Unusual Ways to Use Bricks

If you are seeking ideas to amp up your residential design with bricks, you have arrived at the right place. Read below to discover how.

Wall Cladding

Source: The Constructor

Bricks can be used for external as well as internal wall cladding. The beauty of brick-cladded walls lies in the fact that they can be painted on. A brick cladded wall can be used as an accent element in the living room or in the bedroom. Nowadays, brick cladded walls have become an integral part of homes designed in the contemporary style.

Kitchen Backsplash

Source: Decoholic

Bricks make up for an interesting kitchen backsplash material. As the heartland of every home, kitchens need to exude a sense of warmth and firmness which can be achieved through the use of bricks. Owing to their rustic appearance, brick backsplashes are designed in homes with modern and industrial aesthetics.

Garden Seats

Source: SA Decor and Design

Bricks are exceptional for building garden chairs and benches. If you have a front yard, we suggest a brick seating is a must. You can also create a stepped seating area in your garden using bricks. Seats made from brick add a sense of permanence to the outdoors and help direct the flow of people around it.


Source: Houzz

A perforated facade is one of the most loved applications of bricks. They provide excellent appearance and enhance the quality of the indoor environment. An interesting play of solids and voids, angles, and light and shadow can be achieved through the strategic arrangement of bricks. The use of bricks for creating facades of residential projects has become popular in recent times.


Source: istock

Collanaded corridors enhanced with arched brick windows and entryways can instantly add to the depth of a space. Brick arches give an old-school appeal to a room making it appear rustic yet graceful. There are various kinds of masonry ideas for brick arches that you can use in your project depending upon the overall aesthetic of your room.

Final Word

Bricks are the finest choice when it comes to building a beautiful and strong structure. Whether it is for wall cladding or furniture, bricks add a sense of warmth and comfort to the piece. We also suggest you explore creating home decor masterpieces from broken bricks as they offer beautiful aesthetics. But, before experimenting with bricks, make sure that you understand the material, its properties, drawbacks, and applications so that the best aesthetics are achieved.

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