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5 Best Staircase Design Ideas for Your Home

Source: Interior Design Ideas

The staircase is an integral element of every home. It not only connects the home vertically but also serves as an excellent aesthetic element. And here, we are not speaking of those secluded rectangular enclosed staircases, but the imaginative and visually appealing ones. Over the years, architects have used staircases in the most creative ways to serve the purpose of interaction, landscaping, and storage. Designing staircases is a unique amalgamation of science and art. It requires the right understanding of height, inclination, and pattern to design a perfectly aesthetic and functional staircase. If you are getting your home designed and need some exceptionally cool staircase design ideas, below are some concepts you can pick up.

Unique Staircase Design Ideas You Must Know

You can get experimental with your staircase design while keeping up with the fundamental technicalities of tread, riser, and railing intact. Do not let your home have a mediocre design with a basic dog-legged staircase but take it a notch higher with an interesting play of materials, forms, and spaces.

Storage Equipped Staircase

Source: Pinterest

The space below the staircase waist slab can be used for the purpose of storage. You can use this staircase design idea to create a closet and use the space as a store room or treat it aesthetically and create an open shelf. The open shelf can be designed as a library unit or as a display unit to keep books and decor accessories. You can amp up the appearance of the open shelf by installing track lights around its periphery. Place a coffee table and lounge chair in front of the library unit to create a comfortable reading spot in your home.

Landscape Integrated Staircase

Source: Art Facade

The landscape is the most versatile decor and functional element in home interior design and is also known as biophilia. Incorporating landscape indoors creates a fresh vibe and purifies the air. It reduces stress levels and builds a calming ambiance in the home. You can integrate landscape in your staircase design by placing potted plants at the mid-landing. You can also place climbers along the staircase railing. One of the most loved staircase design ideas is to treat the staircase mid-landing wall as a green wall.

Interactive Staircase Design

Source: RMW Architecture and Interiors

A play of levels is a classic architectural design intervention that enables the creation of multiple spaces without any physical barriers. So, you should view the staircase as something more than a vertical transportation aid. Design the landing and mid-landing in a manner where they have more useability to get creative with your staircase design idea. You can extend the mid-landing width to accommodate a seating area along the mid-landing window sill. Consider having a bookshelf or a wardrobe on the landing and place some poufs in front of them to create a space for having your evening tea.

Cantilevered Staircase

Source: Siller Stairs

Design a staircase that appears to be magical and mystic. Support the treads on the staircase retaining wall and ditch the conventional risers. Avoiding the risers adds a luxurious and classy look to your home. Look up the internet for innovative cantilevered staircase design ideas which showcase a play of materials, finishes, and colors. You can also do away with the prototype of a horizontal handrail and install vertical metal rods instead. Having a glass parapet installed along the end of the treads also creates an excellent visual element in the design.

Spiral and Circular Staircase

Source: Double Building Materials Co. Ltd.

Conventionally, circular staircases are recommended for homes with a small carpet area. Spiral staircases are predominantly used as fire escape staircases in residential buildings. But you can challenge this notion by rethinking the design of spiral and circular staircases. You can design a spiral staircase that looks sophisticated and has an elegant turn. The staircase can have a beautiful baluster handrail to complement the luxurious vibe. If you want to have a minimalist vibe in your home, consider painting the treads white and installing a glass parapet along its edges.

Final Word

A staircase can be used in the most creative ways possible. All you need is an eye for detail and an architect or interior designer who can help you achieve your vision. Remember to not compromise on the structural stability of the staircase while getting innovative. Personalize your staircase design by placing frames on the wall with pictures of your friends and family.

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