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Ishatvam by 4th Axis, Maharashtra, India

  • Project name: Ishatvam

  • Project Location: Nanded, Maharashtra

  • Year of completion: 2021

  • Built-up area: 7750 sq. ft.

  • Project Designers: 4th Axis Design Studio

  • Lead Architects: Ar. Sagar mundada & Ar. Amit kasliwal

  • Design Team: Ar. Shriya Sonawane, Prashant Rapanwad, Ar. Zeeshan Khan, Ar. Srushti Mahajan, Ar. Sneha Roda, Sunil Waghmare

  • Structural Engineer: Abhay Lokmanwar

  • Photo Courtesy: Hemant A Patil

Project description as provided by the firm

Client Brief:

This house is designed to meet and desires and needs of each family member in mind. We believe a home must be a reflection of one’s persona. Here the idea was to create this house in the modest, 7750 sq. ft. west facing plot. Understanding the family needs was more important, but keeping aesthetic in the focus. We designed the whole house sophisticated yet luxurious. Each space is a reflection of their aspirations for a modern and luxurious lifestyle.


Site context of 4050 sq. ft. plot area resides in the dense core of Nanded city. The site faces a street on the North side. All other sides are surrounded by neighbouring houses on the east and south and west side. The dwelling is designed for a family of a couple with one son in which spaces are designed to cater to the daily needs that represent them to the new generation.

The studio’s perspective was focused on climate responsive style keeping in mind the site surroundings. Experiencing the onsite situation we felt the need to bring natural outdoor landscapes inside the built envelope that allows them to enjoy surroundings uninterrupted without going out.

The site has a main entrance gate from the north side which opens up in the parking area. The parking area is designed such that it can be used for festive, leisure or any gatherings with a small interaction space with gardening along its edge to give it a natural feel. Parking area further leads to an Office space in the west and a servant room on south west.

Approaching towards the First floor is Courtyard, Dining, Kitchen, Two bedrooms and Living area. The slab of Living room is elevated above to make it look luxurious and grand. The living, dining and bedrooms overlook the courtyard at different levels. The added challenge of bringing in plenty of natural light and ventilation from the east side courtyard wall with the terracotta brick for shades and shadows during morning. A metal staircase connects to second floor captures attention from each space of the house.

Moving through the metal staircase on Second floor is the Master Bedroom on south-west and a guest bedroom on south-east with a library / family area on the east, and a Home theatre on north-east side. The master bedroom and master toilet are overlooked in the private courtyard for natural light and ventilation. The Library / Family area has a view of Courtyard on the first floor with gives the uniqueness to the house. The interaction space is designed in front of home theatre to bring the family together which is connected to the terrace in the front. The terrace on second floor is overlooked into first floor terrace which is connected to living area.

Approaching to the Third floor, is designed as an entertainment zone, where family can spend their quality time together. A gym, Pool Table area, Rest room, Steam room and a Jacuzzi for relaxation. Terrace floor has a soothing ambiance at the evening with soft lighting.

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