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Unlock the next level of digital material sourcing

Archizy is a material discovery and procurement platform for architects and interior designers.


What’s in it for you?

Benefit from Archizy by rightly using the platform. Here’s how:

Discover Products

  • Explore a wide variety of furniture, finishes, and decor products for your project.

  • Discover products across budget and premium ranges to suit your needs. 

  • Browse materials through effective search tools using keywords and filter options. 

  • Check product information such as specifications and brochures on the website.

Get Inspired 

  • Explore the latest design trends, ideas, and news in our magazine.

  • Indulge in a curated collection of designer products to create interesting spaces.

  • Check out material buying guides to source materials for your next project. 

  • Discover unique projects from top designers in the industry.

Unlock Great Deals

  • Get quality products at the best prices by directly connecting with the brand. 

  • Avoid middlemen, submit requests, and receive customized quotes from the brand.

  • Keep a track of all your inquiries within your profile.

Feature Your Work

  • Display your projects to a design community of 25,000+ members across social media

  • Get published in our newsletter, magazine, and social media pages.

How Does it Work?

Browse products across various categories, brands, styles, and budgets

Shortlist and save products by adding them to your wishlist

Sign up for a trade account to directly connect with the brand

Resolve product queries and receive customized quotes for your project

Want to further explore Archizy’s next-gen material sourcing tools?

Check out our Step by Step Guide.

Explore Materials Across Furniture To Finishes

Curious To Know More?

Get All The Answers You’ve Been Looking For

Why should you use Archizy to source materials?

Discover a variety of materials and products from renowned brands while saving time, money, and effort with Archizy’s easy search tools. Reach out to manufacturers directly to receive quotes and product details.

What can you discover on Archizy?

You can discover building construction materials, architectural products, furniture, and interior finishes from renowned brands on our consolidated platform.

How does Archizy work?

We help architects and interior designers to discover new materials and products. On Archizy, you can save and share the shortlisted materials with your team and the client. Create BOQs and moodboards within minutes for all the shortlisted materials for easy comparison.

You can directly connect with manufacturers to resolve your queries, seek clarity on specifications, and get quotes.

How can I connect with manufacturers?

Connect directly with the manufacturers by submitting a request for information from the Product page or Manufacturer’s Brand Page to avail catalogs, product samples, price list, etc, and manage all your requests with ease from your Archizy profile.

How can Archizy help you to save time and money in discovering materials?

Avoid visiting the market and discover materials from the comfort of your office/home. Buy materials at discount prices by avoiding the middlemen. Explore a wide variety of materials from leading brands.

How does Archizy help in client presentations?

Create Projects within your Archizy profile and add shortlisted products to your projects. You can add reference images like 3D views, CAD drawings, or site images and tag real products to help your clients visualize their space better. 

Generate a BOQ by adding the Quantity, Price, and Description for each product. Share this project with your clients via PDF or Link. Use this BOQ to coordinate with the client, retailers, or the contractor. 

How does Archizy help designers to stay updated?

Archizy provides designers with the latest news, information, and trends in the AEC industry through blogs and newsletters allowing them to stay relevant in the dynamic age.

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